16 May 2013


Ugh, money. The root of all evil. I'm here on the verge of payday with $2.13 in my bank account!! I really need some chocolate too. I suck at budgeting and balancing a check book. Does anybody use a check book anymore? Either way, I'm going to attempt the dangerous and often fatal Check Register Budgeting!! I never track my money until AFTER I've already bought something and then I'm fucked... with 1.5 days until I am paid again. Pinterest has a ton of printables but seems to be lacking in the budgeting and finance printables. Be on the lookout for more printables in the near future.

Here are some Katie Made printable check registers. Send me an email or leave a comment with your address if you'd like me to send you one or all pdf's and which colors. <3

Woohoo... i remembered i have a DivShare Account so i can put the downloads on here so you don't have to request the printables!!

Lime Green Register
Turquoise Register 
Mustard Yellow Register
Pink Raspberry Register 
Plum Register